Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sloan by Teresa Gabelman

Jesus, Sloan was just so damn sexy, "Sloan passed her and mounted his bike, then looked at her. “You coming?” Sid needs to watch out because Sloan is stealing my heart! I loved the reactions Becky could goad out of Sloan, “I don’t pout.” Sloan growled as he followed her outside, walking her to her car." These men take protecting their women seriously, but Sloan just knocked that way out of the park with his alphaness, “was anyone hurt?” Sloan asked, his eyes narrowing when one of the paramedics made Becky moan in pain. Walking over, he knocked the guy out of the way and lifted Becky in his arms before he repeated his question to Duncan." I loved this damn book! I can't wait for Blaze to get his because he and Katrina have me so intrigued.

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