Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Comeback by Kathryn Renard

The reactions these two get off each other, and the sexual tension is off the charts, "I can't imagine anyone thinking you're delicate." Maddy couldn't help herself, her eyes swept across his body, lingering on his back and shoulders. Maddy saw him catch her checking him out. He looked pleased, which made her happy." Elijah is always willing to go with what his girl wants, "your call, baby," he said. He reached toward her and grabbed her by the arm "If you'd rather eff than make love, I'm happy to oblige." The men in Maddy's life sure are blood thirsty especially her dad, "if he's laid a hand on you, I will drive up there and kill him. And your brothers will come with me." I really enjoyed this book, I loved Elijah.

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