Friday, May 6, 2016

Heart of a Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison

I really liked Shelly, and that one scene with her talking about her thighs, “am I hairy? I can’t remember the last time I shaved back there.” Well, that stopped him. He looked up at her and she was looking cool as a goddamn cucumber while he was sporting a substantial erection." Levi sure was damn entertaining at times, “yeah. Just don’t mention you naked and us watching dirty movies to me while I’m climbing down a damn ladder. Unless you want me to fall to my death.” There's no shortage of entertainment when Levi and Shelly are together:
                                 “You put that away! I don’t have time for him now.”
                                  “Can’t help it. You’re naked and your body is wet.”
                                  “Levi,” she said, warning him. “You keep yourself away from me.”
                                  “Stop looking at it. My eyes are up here.”
                                  “Can’t help it. It’s . . . impressive.”
Out of all the King boys Levi has turned out to be my favorite I loved this book.

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