Friday, May 20, 2016

Chaos Bound by Sarah Castille

When Holt's manliness is questioned he goes in full attack mode, "Holt sucked in a breath. Did she think he was going to get away with calling his masculinity into question? Even if it was a damn ruse, a man could only take so much. “Maybe you should put a bit of effort in, babe. I mean that ratty old sweatshirt and ponytail don’t scream, ‘I want my man to do me bad’. How about you make an effort? Put on some lingerie, do your nails, brush your hair, maybe some makeup, shave your legs, and how about you trim the bush so a man can see where he’s going?” Some of the simple answers Holt gave were amusing:
                   “Someone’s been a naughty boy,” she murmured. “How could you work when you were thinking about sex all day?”
                    “I’m a man.”
I loved Holt and this book, I want Tank's book.

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