Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wicked Burn by Rebecca Zanetti

I really liked Nick, he could be wild, but then humble:
                        Are you all right?” he asked, his voice a low rumble.                              She nodded.
                       “I—” He glanced around the back alley. “Jesus, Simone. I got carried away. In a effing alley.” He sounded so bewildered, she had to bite back a laugh.
                     “You should probably zip up.”
                    “Christ.” He released her and quickly zipped his pants, wincing at the end. “I meant for this to happen in a bed,” he mused, slicking his hair back with rain.
Nick can be a dangerous, protective man and damn didn't that rev my engine, “sure I can.” He turned, a deadly man with determination stamped on his hard face. “If you’re in danger, they die.” I really liked this book Nick was a good man.

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