Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Bennett is a spoiled man I thought, but for some damn reason I found that sexy, "his smile melted back into that intimating scowl. “I’m standing in the effing rain, ruining a very nice wool coat and running late for a very important conference call. Ask me again, Ms. Reed, if I’m effing serious.” Taylor and Bennett have an interesting relationship I mean the girl can just get flustered at certain times:
                   “Taylor?” Bennett lightly knocked on the door. “Why are you hiding in the bathroom?”
                    “This is where women go when they need to feel humiliated and rejected in private. Or to pee.”
                     He laughed. “And which of those would you like me to assume you’re doing?”
                     “Number one and two— no! I mean, the first two. I’m not peeing or doing that other thing.”
There are times he could be accommodating or at least try to be, “yes. However,” he rubbed his chin, “now I find myself thinking about the fact that you traveled all this way for sex. I feel obliged to consider the option.” I really liked this book Bennett was a good man once he figured out his head didn't need to be up his butt.

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