Friday, April 8, 2016

His Royal Princess by Jessica Clare

With Alex being a princess and all she needs people to be direct with her not beat around the bush and Luke is quite the direct man, “I like you,” he said between deep, searing kisses. “I’ve liked you from the moment I met you. I have filthy daydreams about you.” That made her quiver. “But you’re kind of out of my reach, sweetheart.” I really liked Alex she could be shy one moment and a temptress the next, “I want us to be together in all ways. Do you . . . do you want me?” Did he want her? Was she crazy? He was going mad with wanting her." I loved Luke and his carefree attitude, “have mercy, woman. Let me get a drink and a fresh condom and you can use me to your heart’s extent.” I loved seeing how Alex and Luke's relationship began, I loved them both.

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