Saturday, April 9, 2016

Empire by Rachel Van Dyken

Sergio he gets what he asks for, tells his woman to do her worst and Val does, "all I had were my legs. So I stomped on his feet. He didn’t even move. So I kneed him in the balls. He dropped like a stone, his face stark white as a garbled sound squeaked past his tightly drawn lips. Breath whooshed out as he made a gargled sound then yelled, “effing hell!” He touched his face. “What was that for?” I liked Val especially when she got all mad because Sergio was an idiot at times, I liked that she was finding herself and standing up for things, “no, you think you know that. I can’t… we can’t.” She jerked her hands free. “From here on out, your kisses have to be earned.” I enjoyed this book, Sergio was moodier in this one butbi suppose that is to be expected I'm just glad his head was removed from his ***.

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