Friday, March 4, 2016

The Wicked Duke by Madeline Hunter

I liked seeing Marianne grow into her skin throughout the book, girl knows how to persuade her man:
                      “No.” He tried to sound firm, but it did not sound like he succeeded. His ***k had risen to salute her, and that affected his voice. She pouted.
                       “Are you sure?”
                       “Ah— yes.” She slid her hand under his coat and gave him a very different look. “Very, very sure?”
There are some things a man like Lance has trouble saying other things not so much:
                      “I miss your company,” he said. “And your smile. Definitely your smile . . .” He pondered some more.
                      “You are very green at doing this, aren’t you?”
                      “Hell, yes. Oh, and I miss your naked body against mine. Under mine. Above mine. Begging for mine.” He said that easily enough.
I enjoyed this book Lance could be a complicated man but Marianne had no trouble figuring him out I guess it takes the right woman.

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