Friday, March 25, 2016

Nannyland by Jane Elizabeth Hughes

John has a stick up his butt, and it's funny the reactions Jordy gets out of him, "I’d show him. Anybody could drive a stick shift. Right? Apparently not. “Clutch!” John shouted at me for the hundredth time. “For Jesus’ sake, clutch!” I just don't know what to think of John I can probably guess to what he thinks of himself just by the way he acts and that's more mighty then God, he also just makes things awkward, "he leaned back against the old wooden bedstead, drawing in a long, luxurious breath of nicotine and slanting an amused smile down at me. “Did I do something wrong?” he inquired. “This was certainly pleasurable for me, and I was sure that you shared the—” Seriously I didn't know what to do with John, he was like void of all emotion I didn't know my exact thoughts on that, "I could feel him searching for something to say. Finally, he gave up. “So, no sex tonight?” he said into the silence. I snorted. “Very well,” said the British milord..." Although I had a lot of complaints about John I actually seriously loved this book.

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