Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mad About the Marquess by Elizabeth Essex

I loved the reactions Quince got out of Alasdair, “copulation?” He flung the strangled word out of his mouth. “Let me understand you with no mistake, Lady Quince— you want to strike a bargain to copulate?” I'm thinking Quince is going to be good for Alasdair, woman keeps him on his toes, never know what she's going to do next, “you’re incorrigible. For a lass who didn’t ken how to kiss a few days ago, you’re going a damn fine—” A sound of inarticulate pleasure drowned out whatever else he had been going to say when she grasped him more firmly." Quince is quite the little minx when she wants to be, "she could touch him as well. She could skate her hands across the firm boundaries of his chest, and tease the flat of his nipples into tight contraction, and trace the line of bright ginger hair down to the waist of his breeches. “Are you really going to be ginger all over?” Alasdair will always try to do right by his woman, “I want to make love to you properly, Quince. In a bed, like a goddamned lady.” I really liked this book I loved Highland men.

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