Monday, March 7, 2016

How to Manage a Marquess by Sally MacKenzie

Good lord the patience Nate has when it comes to Anne should earn him an award especially when she's tipsy, “be that as it may, you will sit on the stone.” Hell, he didn’t want to hurt her, but he was not about to have her plant her feminine hindquarters on his hard and getting harder . . . lap." The situations Anne and Nate find themselves in, “you can’t be very naked. It’s something you either are or you aren’t.” He was very aroused was what he was. Surely she noticed his ***k trying to impale her." I'm an animal lover so the cat scene was my favorite of the book:
                  “You’re not going to let me go back to the inn, are you?”
                   The cat licked its paws. Nate took a cautious step to the side to go round the animal. The animal hissed.
                  “I can get past you if I want to, you know. I can certainly outrun you.”
                  It showed its teeth.
                 “Oh, very well . I suppose I should say good-bye to Miss Davenport.”
I really enjoyed this book I loved Nate.

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