Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Heart Breaker by Erin McCarthy

Chance is a typical guy when temptation is right in his face, "she bent over to pick up her sundress. When she stood up again, she caught Chance looking at her ***. “You look pretty damn good to me.” I loved that Jolene was feisty and sassy, “and if that is your roundabout way of asking me whether you can skip the condom, you’re either drunk or an idiot. You know I’m not on birth control. So don’t you even think about coming near me with that p*n** unless it’s wrapped.” Chance is not a bashful man, “yes, I’m peeing.” She lifted the toilet lid with a loud clang to prove her point. He walked in while she was popping a squat. “Get the hell out of here!” she yelled, outraged. She couldn’t do anything with him watching her." I really enjoyed this book, lots of angst and filled with so much love.

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