Thursday, March 17, 2016

Daring In a Blue Dress by Katie Macalister

I loved how Alden and Mercy acted around each other it was embarrassingly funny, "I wiggled again, enjoying greatly the way his eyes momentarily crossed. “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to hurt . . . oh. You meant actual sausage, not your . . .er . . .” He had backed up and held out, with a rueful glance, two packages of now attened sausage. I touched one of the squashed sausages with anger." There are times Mercy needs to be the strong one in the relationship Alden I don't think minds the tactics she uses, “not in the least. Men have just as many emotions as women do—you simply process them a bit differently. Let’s go nd somewhere private where you can cry to your heart’s content, and I will hold you and tell you it’ll be all right and that we’ll get through this, and then afterward I will tie your hands to a bed frame and have my way with you in such a manner that you’ll forget about this horrible day for at least a little bit.” I liked this book it was funny and entertaining.

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