Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blow Softly by Debra Kayn

I knew I liked Bear right off when he questioned his actions and words, "he held his phone and typed out a text. "I saved your phone. Now give me your name." "I'm a effing a***ole," he muttered, deleting the last sentence and retyping. "What's your name?" I liked that Bear was respectful, and could be a gentleman, "gotta stop, sweetheart. It's getting uncomfortable sitting here with a hard-on and knowing there's not a eff I can do about it." Bear moved her away a few inches, pulled her coat together, and growled in frustration. "I see what I'm doing to you, and I like it. Like it a lot." I really loved this book, I loved Madison she may not be able to speak but that girl is a strong woman and not a pushover.

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