Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Fiction of Forever by Brinda Berry

Kiley was adorable, “you don’t look ready for me. You’re not wearing a shirt.” Did I have to point it out? Of course, he knows this. People don’t accidently forget half their clothes. Do they?" I liked Gunner's man logic:
                 “I was in your face, I understand. But honestly, there’s not much choice in this sleeping bag. You’re very close.” I lick my bottom lip. “And…um… your hand is on my a**, Gunner.”
                  He keeps a straight face. “Yeah. I know.”
                 “Is there a reason why you’re not moving it?”
                  I wiggle away , which is only a couple of inches. He sighs. “I needed comfort and your a** was providing it.” I enjoyed this book I loved Gunner.

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