Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tall, Dark, Billionaire Texan by Mandy Baxter


Lara is an upfront and honest girl, "you can afford not to care. Whatever happens this weekend, you'll still be the legendary Ryder Blackwell. And I'll be nothing more than another notch on your bedpost." Ryder that man can have some caveman tendencies, "her voice was a husky purr that shot straight to his balls, drawing them painfully tight. The urge to open his fly and pound into her was almost too strong to resist." He's also a caring guy who likes to take care of his woman, "shush." His response didn't open the door for conversation. "I'm taking you to bed and you're going to get some rest. And then I'm going to make you breakfast and take care of you for the rest of the day." I loved reading this book. 


I can say our boy Jase is pretty consistent when it comes to Avery, "since last week?" Avery said. "Three." At every dinner party he'd thrown, he'd asked her out at the end of the night. And Avery had turned him down each and every time." Jase he sometimes has trouble holding in his emotions, "because I'm going to effing explode if I don't kiss you right now." He also needs to always hear that Avery wants him, "he needed to eff her like he needed his next breath. "I want you. Tell me you want me, too. Tell me to eff you, Avery." I mean it's pretty sad when Jase has a walking hard on 24/7 for his girl, "having a little trouble with your pants?" she asked in a playful tone that did nothing to calm his raging hard-on." To me this book was like a new age Romeo and Juliet minus the dying part. 


Luke is one cocky S.O.B, "if you've closed your eyes so you can picture me naked, you should know that all you have to do is ask to get the live show." Not much functions on Luke but his need for his woman, "Luke's brain short-circuited at the sight of Kayleigh's a**, the round half-moons of her bare cheeks peeking out from her booty shorts." Luke at times is very forward and direct, actually he's like that all the time, "I want your mouth on my c***." Luke leaned back on his heels, bracing his arms behind him on the ground. His erection stood out proud and thick from his thrust of hips and Kayleigh continued to stroke him." He is very willing to change evening plans when his woman is unhappy, "dinner?" The smile he gave her didn't reach his eyes. "If that's the care we'll order to-go and take it back to Ryder's house. I've been dying to see what you're wearing under that skirt." I loved this book, I loved Luke, I loved the chemistry between him and Kayleigh. 


Noah appreciates a good meal,  “everything you cook is great,” he continued in that same insufferably deadpan tone. “Obviously, since I eat here almost every night.” I loved Noah he was such a good guy.

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