Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fly With Me by Chanel Cleeton

The introduction scene at the bachelorette party had me in giggles, " of the pink p*****s hit me in the face again. I grinned. Eff, she was cute. “Babe, gotta remove the headband. Don’t need pink ***ks in my face.” The atmosphere, and chemistry between Noah and Jordan was off the charts, "he tilted his head to look at me, another smile tugging at his lips. “ You have my ***k in your hands and you’re still busting my balls?” I really enjoyed this book, I was hooked page one, I'm excited for the next book in this series. I had a feeling a certain something was going to happen in this book so I'm really eager to see how Easy's book is going to go with an event that happened in this book.

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