Friday, February 19, 2016

Flash of Fire by M. L. Buchman

Mickey can be a tad slow at the important times, like naughty time but he makes up for it real quick:
                       “You’re staring,” she said when she had the long johns off all but one leg.
                       “Damn straight!”A firestorm wasn’t going to make him look away.
                        “You’re also still fully dressed. If I’m the only one naked in this tent, then there sure as hell isn’t going to be any more sex.”
                       “Right.” Mickey got to work and was soon out of all his gear.
I liked Mickey he liked to oblige his woman when she has a complaint, “I’ve been robbed,” she protested as she continued dragging on her clothes. “A girl goes and lets herself get all soft and mushy on a guy and she doesn’t even get wakeup sex!” Still just three-quarters dressed, he pulled her into his lap. “What? We don’t have time, Mickey. I was just whining.” I liked this I loved Mickey he was sexy.

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