Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt

To put it bluntly Val could be a real a** at times, “but since we’re making general complaints,” he continued over her mutter, “why weren’t you a virgin?” I loved that Bridget and Val were always quite open with each other:
                       “No,” he replied, quite certain. “It seems I’ve regressed to fifteen with the attendant urgency and if I pause to divest myself of raiment, I run the risk of quitting the table too early.”
                       “That hardly seems very fair, considering how many times you paraded around nude in front of me.”
                      “You noticed!” he said, delighted. “Was I not magnificent? I shall make you a bargain. You may see my body afterward.”
I liked this book even though Val was seriously a pain at times.

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