Thursday, February 25, 2016

Deep by Joanna Blake


Sometimes a man needs to backtalk his granny to get his point across, “Caro is not a pretty little thing. She’s a strong, bright, independent woman. I’ve been in love with her since before I knew what that even meant.” This book had some steamy scenes and some action scenes as well and I'm not just talking about the bedroom action. This book was different then her others but I loved it all the same.


Trent is a well-endowed man, and Lexi's first time seeing that well-endowment makes Trent have some interesting thoughts, "yes, Lexi. This is just a garden variety boner. If the garden was on steroids. “I apologize. You…do things to me.” Her mouth snapped shut. She was looking at me, not at my ***k. Which I have to admit, was a first. Usually people stared." Trent takes care of his women and by women I mean Lexi and her sister he's just a sweet guy when it comes to Lexi's sister, "in the end I bought a whole set. A locket with room for a photo inside. A bracelet with a simple heart charm. And a gold ring with a small diamond in it. I didn’t want Charlotte to feel left out." I liked this book Trent was a good guy once he got his head removed from his butt. 


Joss is quite the possessive man, " Everyone would be looking at her. Wanting her. Fantasizing about her. She was mine dammit."
I really liked this novella.

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