Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Taste of Fire by Hannah Howell

I liked Royal he knew how to get his woman to calm down:
                His appreciative but amused gaze moved over the frilly camisole she wore. ‘‘ All this lace beneath the men’s clothes.’’
                ‘‘ I thought it was very pretty. I have never worn such lacy things before .’’ She slowly began to undo his shirt.
I liked that Royal was honest, "you’re not just here to assuage my lust, although,’’ he smiled against her hair and that smile was reflected in his voice, ‘‘ you do give me a pretty powerful case of lust. There’s more than that with us,’’ he continued seriously. ‘‘ I don’t just hop into bed with you, ease a need, and scurry off to my own bed. I don’t even know why we keep separate rooms. It certainly isn’t because we’re trying to hide our relationship. I haven’t tried to from the start.’’ I enjoyed this book Royal was perfect for the headstrong Antoine.

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