Monday, January 4, 2016

Hitman's Bride by Vanessa Waltz

Silas he knows how to calm his woman down, which is a nice term for placating her, “take me out? Like—on a date?” I smile into her hair as she fights to keep the glee out of her voice. Jackpot." There's a lot more to Silas then meets the eye and when Fawn and him get together they're insatiable:
                         "You haven’t effed me in a while.”
                          I watch as the smile turns feral. “Did you forget this morning?”
                        “I want more.” He lets out a growl—part frustration and part burgeoning lust. I rip open his button-down shirt, sliding my hand over his incredible body.
I really enjoyed this book, I loved Silas.

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