Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hawke by Sawyer Bennett


Hawke can be a very appreciative man, "He glances at the tattoo again, mutters, “Eff me,” again, and then turns that intensity straight to me. “Get my jeans undone,” he says in a guttural voice rippling with urgency." Vale knows how to give her man some news, “I’m moving in with you,” she says abruptly the minute my lips pull free from hers. Well, duh . . . of course she’s moving in with me. I give her a gracious smile. “And I’ll take up all of your closet space, just so you know,” she adds. Sounds effing fantastic to me. “And I’ll probably ****h at you to keep your dirty clothes off the floor. Just in case you were wondering, that hasn’t changed about me.” I love the men in this series I loved Hawke.

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