Friday, January 29, 2016

Enzo by Shyla Colt

I'm not exactly sure how old describe The Enzo, except that boy could be deep, in a manly way of course, “babe, we passed that road a long time ago. That line in the sand got obliterated when you came with my name on your lips and put your hand down my pants.” The scenes that I found were the sexiest were surprisingly not the sex scenes but when Ave gets worked up:
                “I just got you, girl. I’m not trying to lose you so soon. I’m going to break that Irishman’s neck.”
               “Not if I shoot the effer first,” she seethed.
              “You’re so hot when you get murderous ,” Enzo teased, brushing his lips over hers.
I enjoyed this book, Enzo was a good man who had his demons but Ave was the light that kept him from going into the dark.

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