Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Infamous Heir by Elizabeth Michels

I loved Ethan he caused havoc with my body, Lord that man was sexy, “I want to smash your reputation to a point beyond repair right now.” Her gaze lifted from his lips to his eyes— dark eyes that reflected the dangers of being alone with him." When it comes to visitors Ethan is very enthusiastic especially if it might be his woman, “it's a lady caller, my lord,” the butler replied in a hushed tone. Ethan was on his feet and pushing the older man from his path before his glass had clanked to a rest on the table. He moved toward the door. A lady. Please let it be Roselyn." I love how Ethan acts when his woman tells him something, she tells him to jump the boy can't move fast enough, "he ripped the shirt off over his head and lifted her from the floor, tossing her onto their bed. “Who am I to deny my princess what she wishes?” I really loved this book.

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