Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Layers by TL Alexander

Alexia is the type of character I love my females to be, and that's ballsy, “Jax, you know I don’t think little of you.” I raise a brow, looking at his crotch. “Definitely not little.” The conversations these two have:
                   “I see the perfect shagging tree,” he says and tugs me toward a large oak. “What do you think?”
                   I look around . “Off the path, wooded, secluded . Yes, I think you found it.”
                  “Forewarning… my junk is sweaty.”
                 “And your legs are hairy; I think I can handle it.”
I had a feeling there would be a cliffhanger but damn it was a doozy I need the next book, like now.

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