Thursday, November 12, 2015

Possess Anthology by Various Authors


Bound to me by Joanna Blake:
I loved Daniel, he had confidence, he was bossy and his thoughts quite dirty, "I piled my plate high. Francesca was keeping me busy and I was sure I would need my energy later on. I planned to spend the night in her bed. And on the floor. And the shower. Maybe bent over that chair again..."
Hickey by Cora Brent:
I loved seeing that romantic side of Bran, just that I am knock-down drag-out in love with you, baby.”  He cups my face in his hands and examines me closely.   “No one’s ever come close.  No one ever will.  I’m asking you, Cricket, will you live with me?”
Saint by Lana Grayson:
When Gold is happy and carefree his woman is playfully busting his balls, but I don't think he'd have it any other way, "her breathing panted the instant I ripped the panties over her ankles. “We’re supposed to eff after dinner,” she said. “It’s dessert or something.”
Craved by Jordan Marie: 
Sabre can be a very jealous man, “peaches!” Sabre snarls and stops my crazy thoughts. I go to him immediately and he pulls me back against his body. “You’ll pay for that later, sweetheart,” he whispers into my ear." Sabre is a wild man I loved him.
Tormented by a Dangerous Man by Cleo Pietsche:
I loved Corbin he was just so damn sexy and demanding, “do you understand, baby? We’re together now. What’s mine is yours. I want to hear you say you understand.” Slowly, he removed his hand."
Bitter Rivals by Winter Renshaw: 
This was an alright read, it wasn't one of my favorites but I liked it I wish that it had, had a little bit more angst.
Capturing Liberty by DG Whiskey:
Stephen was a sexy beefcake I loved him.
Point of Origin by Rebecca Yarros:

This was a good read, I liked it.

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