Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wrong by Jana Aston


Luke likes to give full explanations, "I'm not usually in scrubs unless I've got surgery. And I don't schedule surgeries for Wednesdays , because the board meets on Wednesdays." He tugs on the end of my braid. "Would you prefer I wear scrubs when getting coffee, Sophie?" Luke is a very possessive man, "a word to the wise, Miss Tisdale. I have no interest in hearing about any ***ks you've sucked prior to mine. It would behoove you to never mention it again." Luke knows how to give a great apology, "I wanted you there for myself, Sophie, because you make everything better. It was selfish of me to bring you." His hands slide under my flannel pajama bottoms and cup my a**. "I should have ordered takeout and kept you naked in my condo all day persuading you to let me eff this perfect a**." I really loved this book I'm hoping Everly gets one of her own.

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