Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Roommate by Ivy Smoak


Keira is just all kinds of entertaining, "I walked over to the boxes and sat down. I pulled the tape off the first one and opened it up. It was full of boxers. I lifted up a pair. A box of condoms was underneath of it. A huge box. Does he buy them in bulk? Who needs this many condoms? Rory cleared his throat. ***t. I threw the boxers down on top of the box of condoms." The bathroom scene and Kiera's reaction made the book, it was priceless:
                        When Rory emerged I started yelling, even though I knew he was the one that should be upset with me. "You said you wouldn't walk around naked! You can't go walking around with your huge p***s everywhere! I mean p***s. Normal, average p***s." My face was turning scarlet.
                       He looked amused. "Keira, I wasn't walking around. I was taking a pi**... in the bathroom."
I really enjoyed this book.

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