Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Bad Boy CEO by Sugar Jamison


First meetings are so much fun especially if the characters are Colt and Zanna, “you would make a bad poker player.” He shifted himself forward, pushing her backward in the tiny living room until her back touched the wall. He stuck his thigh between her legs, and it sent a thousand sparks through her body. “My manhood is going to remain unharmed tonight, and if you want to remain unharmed, too, you’ll tell me who you are.” Zanna is so feisty I loved it, “I’m looking at your a**,” she admitted as they entered the storage room. He set the box on the counter and frowned at her. “It’s true. It’s real nice . Hard looking. The kind a lady could get into squeezing.” I seriously loved Zanna, “now get your hand off my boob and do my bra back up.” She glanced at the clock on the wall as he did what she said. “We’ve got two hours to go shopping before my first client gets here.” Colt sometimes says the darnest things especially when is woman is driving, “I was thinking about having sex with you. I was thinking about having you pull onto the side of the road, ripping off your pants, and asking you to ride me until neither one of us can see straight. But it’s been a long time since I’ve had sex in a car and an even longer time since I’ve had sex in a car in broad daylight, and at thirty-three I’m wondering if I’m too old for that.” He reached out and grabbed the wheel. “You’re drifting into another lane.” I really loved this book and I'm looking forward to the other brothers getting their book.

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