Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reawakening the Dragon: Parts 1-4 by Jessie Donovan


Kai's dragon is seriously a horny one, "his dragon hummed. Yes, she is delectable. She will taste good." Kai's dragon has to be my favorite out of all of them so far, "Kai’s dragon was smug. Tell her I want to strip her naked and eff her until she can’t walk." Kai is seriously one sexy beefcake, "Kai growled and grabbed her arse. Pulling her flush against his body, Jane let out a squeak. Kai’s breath was hot against her ear. “Didn’t I tell you it was dangerous to tease an unattached dragonman?” I can't wait for part two.
Kai can be such a tease, "stopping just short of kissing her, he murmured, “Because your scent drives me crazy and tempts me to do something I shouldn’t.” Each novella gets better and better.
Jane knows how to entice her man, "she leaned closer and her breath tickled his cheek. “No, I’m trying to encourage you to heal faster so you can have me.” I love how the men in this series are protective and nurturing at times, "his dragon growled. Our female should never be hungry. Feed her." Kai does not have a shy bone in his body, “does it matter?” He patted her rear. “Any male who sees me with my hand on your plump arse knows I’ve made a claim.” Things are starting to get good for Kai and Jane.
When it comes to getting nookie Jane is one serious woman, "her voice was husky as she replied, “Unless your surprise is your ***k tied in a bow, save it for later.” I really can't get over all the sexiness that's Kai, "Kai growled . “You didn’t give me a bloody chance, woman. You jumped me as soon as I was human again.” I love this series it always keeps me entertained.

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