Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Morrison by Chelsea Camaron & M.J. Fields

Morrison really is a decent guy, “not yet. Talk to me. An hour ago, you were clawing me like you wanted to devour me. You just came twice, babe . I gave that to you.” He strokes my face and taps my temple. “It’s obvious I want in there. What’s going on in your head?” When he's bossy it's sexy, "...now get that fine little a** in there and pack up a couple suitcases so we don’t miss our flight.” She doesn’t move. “Little momma, don’t make me say it again.” Morrison knows how to plan a good date, “little momma, you keep looking at me like that and I’m gonna take you right here. Sunday night. Don’t make any plans. It’s you and me—dinner, movie if you want, make out in the parking lot, and then we’ll end up in the back of the Escalade ’cause I’ll need a taste. After that, you can have my balls back; you feel me?” She smiles and nods. No argument, no hesitation. “Eff me! I have to go.” I lean in and take her mouth again, then walk out with a hard-on." I love this series I loved this book each book gets better and better.

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