Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Hour by Shey Stahl


Jameson is a possessive man, "Jameson growled pushing me down on the bed, my legs automatically spread. “I will be the only one doing any align boring when it comes to your crankcase ... only me.” Jameson is a persistent man, “you know,” I whispered purposefully. “Just because I said we can’t have sex … doesn’t mean we can’t have phone sex … and I really wanna talk about this vibrator you have,” I hedged." When interrupted he tends to go grizzly bear on people, “son of a b****,” he pulled away reaching for the lantern. “Why does this always happen? I can’t even eff my girlfriend anymore without someone wanting something from me.” The camping scene was the most entertaining thing in the whole book. Didn't appreciate that cliffhanger though, can't wait to dig in to the next book.

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