Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Error by Xavier Neal


Azura is one tough cookie, “no.” she stubbornly cuts me off. “I have given up staying at my house. I can't go back to the bar not only because it's still closed, but because they might try to get me there too. I need this Destin. I need to do this event tomorrow. If it'll make you feel better to be at my side with your superman cape then by all means join me, but I'm going.” Destin is a sucker for his woman, "my face appears around the shower curtain. Seeing the stern but sad expression, I cave. “Fine. I'll go too. Get up ass early and everything for you. Now, get naked so I can eff you rotten before I have to get to work. It's all hands on deck today.” I enjoyed this book I love the McCoy brothers they always are entertaining.

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