Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Enraptured by Candace Camp


Violet is a little spitfire and Coll I think just doesn't know what to do with this little lady:
                        “Really, Mr. Munro, are you going to parrot everything I say?”
                       “But you— I was not saying that you were—”
                      “There is no need to soften the blow.” Was he being purposely difficult ? “Clearly you cannot make yourself want to— well, engage in, um . . .”
                     “Are you daft? What are you saying?”
                      Violet bristled . “I am saying that I acted out of character. I assure you, it will not happen again. And it is time this conversation ended. Good day, sir.”
Coll is whipped like seriously if his woman wants it he'll get it, she wants to explore his body he has no complaints, “come. Do what you will with me.” He flipped back the cover, exposing the very long, very naked length of his body. “I’ll not protest.” I really enjoyed this book.

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