Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dragon Storm by Katie MacAlister


These dragons are something else I love them, "Constantine, being a male, and having natural instincts and urges common to those of his gender, couldn’t help looking, but he realized almost instantly that congratulating Bee on her nice breast wouldn’t be appreciated, and instead pretended not to watch when she swore and wrestled herself into what was admittedly a very feminine bra." Constantine is so full of himself, “your jealousy pleases me, although it is not necessary. I will not betray you to another woman, or even a pair of women, no matter how comely they are.” Constantine amused me, “again with my a**,”he said, trying to capture one of my nipples in his mouth. “I am beginning to think it is an obsession with you. You may admire my a**. You may touch it. You may even rake your fingernails across it, because that is pleasing, and does not make me uncomfortable. However, that is all. Please accept the fact that I do not desire any further action therein. And while you’re at it, stop squirming so that I can love you the way I wish to.” I loved this book the men are always demanding and bossy and the women give it right back to them.

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