Sunday, October 11, 2015

Always Been You by Beverley Kendall


Troy is a good man when his woman is upset he offers violence to cheer her up, "he raises his hands in surrender and mimics waving a white flag. “Sorry. Did Johnson do something that’s going to force me to kick his Armani-wearing a**?” Troy isn't a patient man, “here’s the thing, I planned to take things slow with you—let things build naturally. But it kills me seeing you with other guys. I hate thinking about you being with another guy. And it drives me bat-***t crazy imagining you having sex with another guy. I’m the one who should be effing you senseless every night.” Troy isn't bashful in asking for what he needs or wants, “and does that mean you’re giving me a blowjob tonight?” His nostrils flare in arousal, his eyes hooded." I really enjoyed this book I loved Troy.

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