Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sacrificed to the Dragon: Boxed Set by Jessie Donovan

I could tell Tristan. was going to be an interesting character, “so rather than give me a female who will just let me eff her and walk away, you’re giving me one that will probably fight me every step of the way? Are you sure you’re my friend?” Melanie has a backbone and knows how to use it, “why, because you’re fit? Just because you’re tall, dark, and muscled doesn’t mean anything. You’re mean, cruel, and rude. And that’s not attractive.” I'm going to like this series Tristan is broody and I love my men broody.
Tristan has a big appetite, “again. Now.” His pupils were flashing between slits and round globes. The dragon was insatiable." I really enjoyed seeing the caring side of Tristan, "he saw Melanie holding a hand to her mouth and looking rather pale. He glanced around, but he didn’t see any threats. He moved to her side. “What’s wrong? Are you ill?" I can't wait to see what Tristan does next.
I loved Tristan's Dragon side, I loved seeing his thoughts, "she shook her head against his chest. “For some reason, your scent calms my stomach.” His inner dragon hummed. Our scent helps her. She will want us always by her side." I'm falling in love with this new Tristan that we're seeing, “all three, little human.” He moved his hand to her arse and took a possessive grip on her right, squishy cheek. “You belong to me, and I want the entire clan to know it.” I'm so excited to see how Tristan's story ends.
It was so easy to love Tristan in this part, "despite everything that was going on, he smiled. “There’s my little human, full of spirit. Now, kiss me and watch me shift.” Dragons are really appreciative of surprises, "all he wanted to do was take the box from her hands and toss it aside so he could kiss her and hopefully eff her..." I really enjoyed Tristan and Melanie's story.

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