Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Playing Hard to Master by Sparrow Beckett

I think Everly and Ambrose are going to be perfect for each other, "surprised, he barked a laugh and swatted her leg. “You missed my a**.” Her smile was a dare. “I told you, most Doms find me hard to handle.” Ambrose can be times, “behave, woman,” he growled teasingly. “You wanted a date, so this is a date. If you wanted me to shove you to your knees and use your naughty mouth, you just had to ask.” He's not afraid to scold his woman when she needs it, “behave. First of all, you wanted a date, so you’re getting a damned date. I’m making dinner, and then we’re going to eat that dinner. We will have an interesting and meaningful conversation, so I can show you how fun and clever I am. Second, I have no intention of coming in my pants. I’m too old for that ***t.” I really enjoyed this book, but there were a few times when Kon caught my interest and kept it I'm hoping that boy's book is next.

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