Sunday, September 27, 2015

Melting Into You by Laura Trentham


Good grief, Lilliana, that girl has some big brass balls, I loved it, “it’s been a while, but I think you’ve rounded second base and might be headed for a grand slam.” She’d raised her head, mesmerizing him with her eyes, and caressed down his tattoos, her hand landing between his legs. His hips bucked." Alec may have a lot of stamina but the boy has self control as well, "she gripped his biceps and pulled him closer. Didn’t all men love morning sex? “Can’t stay, darlin’. I have to get home to change for work.” His expression was intense, not happy or angry or regretful." Alec sometimes has to be the responsible especially when in a car and his girlfriend is horny, "she got his jeans unbuttoned and the zipper partway down. He covered her hand with his before it could burrow into his underwear. “Ten minutes, woman, and I’ll eff you until your eyes cross.” I really loved this book, I think I enjoyed it more then the first one in the series.

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