Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lion and the Falcon by Eve Langlais


Nolan may be one sexy man but he has a few flaws one of the annoying ones is the boy takes forever to get ready:
                    “Ready to go?” he asked.
                    “I’ve been ready for over half an hour,” she snapped.
                   “Well, excuse me. I had business to tend to.”
                   “I don’t call blow drying and hair conditioning business.”
The more Nolan is around Clarice the more animal he becomes and didn't I love it, "an urge to hunt down the scent of the creatures coating her made him punch the wall again. Dead or not, he wanted to kill the squirrels again. And then, he wanted to mount her. Primitive, yes, but he couldn’t help how he felt." Nolan says the sweetest things, “you’re here. We’re safe. I’m horny. And once we get to my place, I don’t intend to let you sleep until we’ve both come at least a half dozen times.” I love this series I love seeing the different species mating outside of their species.

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