Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beneath These Scars by Meghan March

Lucas is quite the bossy man, “no. Say my name, Yve. That’s what I want from you. I’ll make you come harder than you’ve ever come in your life, but you have to scream my name so there’s no doubt who’s effing you.” Yve and Lucas have a strange relationship but honestly I wouldn't change it for the world:
                       “I’m not the one going commando under a skirt.”
                       “Shut up. I didn’t have any clean underwear.”
                      “I’m not complaining. Now, I believe you know your way to the kitchen.”
There are times Lucas has to physically move how woman to where he wants her, “you fell asleep in the wrong bed. I want you in mine.” I actually enjoy this series and the characters and their struggles. I'm always looking for the next book.

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