Thursday, August 27, 2015

True Divide by Liora Blake

When his woman isn't happy with the way he sometimes words things he gets all alpha man and crude which was hot, “you’ve got unbelievable t**s and a** now. For days. I almost choked on my own tongue when I saw you stomping your way out of the waiting room with that a** wrapped in those crazy -tight little jeans you were wearing.” He tips his head and waits a beat. “Better?” Yeah Jake he appreciates his woman's assets, “Christ, I’m a man, honey. Those”— he waves his hand pointedly toward my breasts—“ seem way bigger than I remember, and you just displayed them on a buoyant little platter for my amusement. I couldn’t help it.” Jake sometimes just needs not to talk, that's how sexy he is, “besides, you’re the one humping my leg. People probably can’t see my hands all over your a**, but they sure as hell can see you trying to mount me, you little minx.” I liked this book, Jake was funny, and I loved his personality.

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