Monday, August 3, 2015

The Reluctant Duchess by Sharon Cullen

I found Ross amusing at times when I shouldn't have but the way he said things in a certain way, was amusing, “I feel like a damned stallion,” he grumbled, looking away because staring at her grin was like looking into the sun. “Only good for breeding. Excuse my language.” Ross's woman knows how to rile her man and it's funny to see his reactions, "he let out a frustrated growl. “I can assure you I have not fallen and bumped my head, and no one will be calling any doctor.” Ross is at times insane I think putting up with Sara because she can really drive him bonkers, “truly? We’re discussing semantics? I am in your bedchamber— after having sneaked down the hall in fear that I would get caught in my own home, I might add. I practically made love to you, and you are picking apart my words?” I liked this book it was good natured, light and entertaining.

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