Thursday, August 20, 2015

Team Niklas by Ally Adams

Sasha is a good woman, always thinking about the comfort for Niklas, "instead of taking the ice, he took my hips. “You put it on,” he said , and pulled me closer. I guess it was the least I could do and he did look like he needed some tender lovin’ care." Nik cracks me up its always entertaining with him, “I think it is a Hugo Boss,” he said. “I had to wear it for a photo shoot, for a sponsor. I really liked it so I just got my manager to buy it.” Sometimes oversharing your thoughts with Nik is not the best idea, “Sah-sha, what the eff am I supposed to do with that information?” He exhaled. “Now I’m as hard as a rock and all the blood has rushed to my ***k.” I love this series the men are always sexy, and bossy and the women are always feisty and can put their men in their places.

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