Monday, August 24, 2015

Takes Two to Tackle by Jeanette Murray

Stephen's time very valuable, time with his woman is extremely valuable, "his phone rang on the coffee table, and he cursed . What the hell . . . Who the hell would dare interrupt him now?" At least Stephen knows he's built, he has no problem flaunting that fact, “I’d look pretty ridiculous with a smaller ***k, don’t you think? Big guy like me, walking around with a mini– hot dog for a p***s?” There are thing Stephen is clueless at like giving a girl proper time to arrange for things for special events, “I have two days to pick out a dress and heels and jewelry and find a place to get my hair done— and cut,” she added, picking up the end of her ponytail and staring at it like it had suddenly announced itself as her mortal enemy. “You can’t just spring this junk on me at the last minute!” I liked this book there was never a shortage of entertainment.

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