Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Off Base by Tessa Bailey & Sophie Jordan

I had to get this book the guy on the cover looks like Joseph Morgan and I love Joseph Morgan. Sweet Jesus I didn't know what to do with Beck, my God that man is like none other, he was sweet, southern, had manners and the things Kenna did to welcome him home was totally going above and beyond I liked that about her, “Kenna, I’ve never seen anything like you,” he ground out. “But I can’t look anymore or I’ll embarrass myself.” Alrighty then I didn't know there were two books in this bad boy, let's get to Cullen and Huntley. Cullen was the complete opposite of Beck and boy did I enjoy his attitude, “you’re not going to run out of here and pretend you didn’t just back that a** into me.” His voice was a growl..." I really liked this book, we got two different writing styles, and different men a sweet southerner and an alpha boss and I loved both of them.

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