Monday, August 10, 2015

Decker by A.D. Ellis

Kate I think loved to rev Decker's engine from time to time, “Decker, I’m wearing the same outfit I’d wear if I was with all four of you guys. I’m not purposely trying to make anything harder.” With a smirk and a wink." The primal urges start to come out when Kate's around especially the things she tells him, “I’m going to need another effing cold shower...” Rolling to his back, rubbing his hands over his face, he blew out a deep breath . “I’m not sure if that bit of information makes sharing a bed with you tonight easier or harder.” I loved that Decker's walls started to fall the deeper he got in with Kate, “seriously, Bug? Giving me a hard-on before my Grandma opens the door? Not. Cool.” He smacked her a** just as Cindy Morgan opened the door." I liked this book Decker was funny when he lost his cool.

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