Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bearing It All by Vonnie Davis

Ronan has a feisty woman on his hands that's not afraid to hit below the belt...literally, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph,” he breathed as he dropped to his knees, released his grasp on her, and rolled onto his side, holding his privates. “Bloody fokin’ hell. What did I do to deserve that?” Ronan is going to be at his wits end with his woman, she's such a firecracker, "he tossed back the covers. Why the bloody hell are women so damn demanding? “Do you always sleep naked? I’m not here for sex. The bear just startled me, is all.” Ronan is a handful at times, “woman, dinna utter another word except ‘aye.’ Shifters heal faster. We get horny quicker and we love harder.” I really do love this series, it's filled with humor and love.

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